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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Fontana, California.
With approximately 203,000 residents, Fontana is a situated in the San Bernardino County. The city was founded by a man named Azariel Blanchard Miller in 1913, and the area stayed mostly rural until the World War II. At this time, entrepreneur Henry J. Jaiser established a major steel mill on the grounds, which allowed Fontana to grow into the trucking industry hub it is today. Fontana is a culturally rich city, with its own burgeoning arts scene. Worth a visit is the Center Stage Theater, a historic Art Deco landmark from 1937. The former movie theater was recently renovated, and today the venue functions as a live dinner theater with excellent, ongoing shows. For those who are interested in exploring arts like music, theater and dance, the Steelworkers Auditorium provides the public with classes for every age. If dabbling in paint sounds more interesting, the historic facility of Art Depot houses plenty of activities and events in that area. The city is a hub for race car enthusiasts, and in the 1950s and 1950s, Fontana was home to a famous drag racing strip. The original Fontana Drag Strip was well-known in the NHRA circuit, and while the strip is now defunct, owners of NASCAR's new Auto Club Speedway have opened a new strip to revive Fontana's drag-racing heritage. The racetrack hosts the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and the Xfinitiy Series, as well as the Indy Car Series and various smaller races. As far as recreation is concerned, the City of Fontana has made sure its residents have plenty to choose from. One of the more popular facilities is the state-of-the-art community center, the Jesse Turner Health & Community Center, which features an aquatic center, skate park, dog park, sports pavilion, kids play areas, and a basketball gym. To escape the city, Fontana residents can venture to the lush green space of the Mary Nature Center. The beautiful park is situated at the base of the towering Mount Jurupa in the southern part of the city, and offers ample opportunity for a number of activities, including wildlife education. With a 1-acre pond and three miles of hiking trails, the park provides a welcome respite for those who long for an unblemished piece of nature.
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