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Welcome to Fire Mountain, Oceanside.
Situated in the beach community of Oceanside, San Diego County, Fire Mountain is one of the city's most distinctive neighborhoods. It is funky and eclectic, rural and upscale all at the same time. Many of the two-story buildings have views over the ocean, and residents can enjoy the unique feeling of being somewhere far away while still in the city. The neighborhood, which features a mix of imposing mini-mansions and modest homes, placed along tree-lined, hilly streets without sidewalks; wasn't annexed into the city of Oceanside until 1960s. Formerly known as North Carlsbad an unincorporated island surrounded by Oceanside Fire Mountain still very much feels like its own, separate place. A secluded gem, one might say. Interstate 5 borders the neighborhood to the west, Oceanside Boulevard to the north, El Camino Real to the east and state Route 78 to the south. Residents have access to the Palmquist Elementary and Lincoln Middle Schools, as well as the Eternal Hills Memorial Park and the Walmart shopping center by Route 78. There are various theories on how Fire Mountain got its name; some say it derives from the Indians that used the mountain to light signal fires, while others mean it came from the mountain's fiery sunset vistas. Locals, many of whose families have lived in the area for generations, describe the area as one of personality, a place of character and lingering history an statement that is hard to argue with when you experience the beautiful view, the historic ambience and the friendly atmosphere of Fire Mountain first hand.
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