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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Emeryville, California.
This small city in Alameda County is located in a corridor between Berkley and Oakland City, reaching all the way up to the San Francisco Bay's shore. Thanks to its proximity to San Francisco and Bay Bridge, the University of California, Berkley and Silicon Valley, the city has seen an economic boom in recent years. Emeryville is home to the Pixar Animation Studios, Peet's Coffee and Tea, Jamba Juice, The Center for Investigative Reporting and Cliff Bar. On top of that, an array of large biotech and software companies have made this modest city their home. Emeryville has a petite population of roughly 10,000 people, but during weekdays it swells way beyond that thanks to the city's position as a regional employment center. Aside from being a working hub, the city has been expanded with a bunch of new additions in the later years. In 2001, the city contracted renowned developer Madison Marquette to construct a top of the line shopping center, which resulted in the Bay Street Shopping Center. The new addition is built on what was formerly an Ohlone village and burial ground, and later the site of a paint factory. The developers of Madison Marquette's team worked closely with archaeologists and Ohlone tribe representatives to make sure that the human remains were undisturbed. Today, the mall displays images of the former shell mound, but leaves out the morbid fact of a burial ground. Ohlone representatives say that it would make people uncomfortable shopping there, a statement that is easy to agree with.
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