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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to El Sobrante, California.
El Sobrante is a census-designated place located in Contra Costa Couty, with a population of around 13,000 people. The name of the area derives from the Spanish name El Sobrante, which translates to remainder or surplus land. Because El Sobrante isn't really a town but rather a collection of homes and spread out businesses, there is no commercial district. However, there are a number of establishments along the San Pablo Dam road, which runs through cities like Richmond, where you will find more shopping and dining. The El Sobrante Library has been open since 1961 and offers a large collection of books for those who enjoy reading. In 1975, the library expanded to double its size, and today it is a well-equipped institution and part of the Contra Costa County Library. Despite being a small community, El Sobrante boasts several celebrity names. The former Green Day drummer John Kiffmever even took his stage name Al Sobrante from his hometown, and the other musical artists like Les Claypool of Blind Illusion grew up in the area. The two band members knew each other since childhood, and went to school with famous artists like Kirk Hammett and Mark Blederman.
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