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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to El Monte, California.
El Monte is a city in Los Angeles County, located in the San Gabriel Valley between the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo Rivers. Home to around 116,000 people, the city is often called The End of the Santa Fe Trail and its slogan is Welcome to Friendly El Monte. The history of El Monte goes back to he 18th century, when residents claimed that anything could grow in the area thanks to its access to two major rivers. Between the years of 1770 and 1830, Spanish soldiers and missionaries often came here to rest on their long travels. The Spaniards called the area El Monte, meaning the mountain in Spanish. While one would think that the name refers to a nearby mountain, there were actually no mountains in the area. Instead, there was an abundance of rich, low altitude land, covered by thickets of wispy willows, alders, cattails and grapes-vines. Today, El Monte is famous for being the birthplace of various TV shows, including the Hometown Jamboree; a Los Angeles-based show by KTLA-TV. El Monte is also known for its rock n' roll history, which started in the 1950s, when shows were forced to leave Los Angeles due to hostility toward the music style and overall police pressure. The El Monte Legion Stadium became the new site for major concerts like that of Johnny Otis and other performers. During this era, teenagers from all over Southern California came in droves every weekend to watch their favorite artists rock the stages of El Monte. Some of the most famous artists who graced the stadium were Ritchie Valens, Rosie & The Originals, Brenton Wood and Dick Dale. The El Monte Legion Stadium was often called the Happening place to be for teenagers of that time in history. In fact, even he Beatles and Beach Boys were seen here, in 1964.
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