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Welcome to Brigham, Watertown.
The community of Brigham is located near Watertown Square. Brigham's convenient location in the beautiful historic surroundings of Watertown gives residents access to a plethora of cultural attractions as well as close proximity to downtown Boston. The watery expanse of Charles River stretches by the neighborhood, and Watertown Square offers excellent public transit. Brigham is home to the Perkins School of the Blind, as well as several assisted living communities, such as the Brigham House and the Watertown Community Housing. Parents can take small children to the Inside Playground and the Family Network School, while older kids go to the Watertown High School. Aside from a few service amenities and restaurants, Brigham is also home to the Armenian Library and Museum of America. The museum was founded to gather and display the culture, history, art and achievements of Armenians over the last 3000 years. Today, visitors can explore a vast collection of books, as well as a plethora of ancient items including textiles, ceramics and coins. Brigham also enjoys vicinity to the Watertown Boys & Girls Club, the Saltonstall and Watertown Linear Parks, as well as the Patricks Parish Center.
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