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Georgia, U.S.A.
Welcome to East Point, Georgia.
East point is a city situated in Fulton County of the Atlanta metro area, and has a population of around 34,000 people. The name of the city derives from its location on the opposite end of the former Atlanta & West Point Railroad. In 1870, the city was a small village with only 16 families, but the population quickly grew alongside its several burgeoning industries. It didn't take long before the village became a town, featuring a railway, two gristmills and a distillery, located on Connally Drive. One of the first buildings in East Point was the White Hickory Manufacturing Company factory, which was built by a B.M Blound and L.M Hill. Ten years later, the town boasted new features like two churches, a school, a saw- mill and a post office, as well as a telegraph office and a newspaper. Fast forwarding to the new millennium, East Point has come a long way from the little village it was in the 17th century. The city has seen plenty of growth in the later years, with new business additions and residential buildings continuously dotting the area. For instance, East Point now has a brand new shopping mall, Camp Creek Marketplace, which has opened in western part of the city. The residential market has also seen revitalization, with historic homes being bought and revived; especially in the burgeoning Jefferson Park area. One of the more noteworthy landmarks in city is the East Point Historic Civic Block, which comprises three significant buildings and a memorial park. The historic block is situated within the parameters of East Point Street, Linwood Avenue, Church Street and West Cleveland Avenue; and features the City Hall, City Auditorium, New Deal Library and the Victory Park. Residents may also enjoy one of the green recreational spaces, which include the Summer Park, Sykes Park, Grayson Field and Chris Stacks Field. Finally, it is worth mentioning that several prominent athletes have their roots in East Point, such as Reggie Rutland, Jonas Jennings, Bill Thorn, Donald Adams and John Milner.
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