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Welcome to East Colfax, Denver.
This neighborhood is situated on the east side of Denver's main thoroughfare, Colfax Avenue. The avenue was a major route into town from the east, and a popular address for the rich elite. East Colfax was once lined with beautiful trees and generous promenades, along which the wealthy built their lavish mansions. However, after the 1893 economic depression, the once coveted location became the victim of major decline. People could no longer afford to maintain their expensive homes, and many of the owners were forced to rent out rooms to the unprivileged working-class. The area's development began to focus on apartments, and only three buildings still exist from this era: The Collonade, Alta Court and the Hamilton. Today, East Colfax is home to a lively music scene, with venues like the Fillmore Auditorium, Ogden Theater and the Bluebird Theater. These popular spots offer intimate settings with excellent acoustics, and some of the most famous musicians in the world have graced their stages - including Bob Dylan. In addition to music venues and theaters, East Colfax streets are dotted with hip bars and clubs, as well as eclectic specialty stores and boutiques. Locals often call this area Coolfax for its trendy atmosphere and many awesome establishments, paired with the most ethnic dining scene in the city.
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