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Welcome to Downtown Pasadena, the central business district in the City of Pasadena.
The neighborhood centers on Fair Oaks Avenue and Colorado Boulevard, and comprises three separate neighborhoods: Old Pasadena, the Civic Center, and Monk Hill. Old Pasadena is the historic heart of Downtown Pasadena, and features a myriad of unique shops and restaurants. You'll especially find a large number of Italian and Japanese dining places here, so if you're into that kind of food, you're in luck. Old Pasadena also features two parks as well as the historic Del Mar Station and Castle Green, a 113-year old hotel and a popular event venue. This area is often referred to as the real downtown area, and is an urban haven with cosmopolitan characteristics and plenty of things to do and see. In this downtown of downtown, you can enjoy an alluring historic ambience and clean streets, while perusing the many entertainment venues, sidewalk cafes and eclectic boutiques! The Civic Center part of Downtown Pasadena was built in the 1920s, and features the Pasadena's City Hall, Paseo Colorado and the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Many city government offices are also situated in this part of town. The third and westernmost part of Downtown Pasadena, Monk Hill, is home to the acclaimed art museum Norton Simon Museum, as well as the Ambassador Auditorium. For families with children, there are also several schools in Downtown Pasadena; including Roosevelt and McKinley Elementary Schools, McKinley Middle School and Maranatha High School.
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