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Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Welcome to Danvers, Massachusetts.
Located in Essex County on the northeastern coast of Massachusetts, this city of 26,493 people is mostly known for the Salem witch trials. Back then, the town was called Salem Village. In 1692, Rebecca Nurse of Salem Village was convicted of witchcraft, and her home is today a historic landmark open for visitation. The Nurse Homestead is a First Period colonial house situated on 149 Pine Street in Danvers, and features a restored version of the 71-year old woman's historic home. The town has many other historic features left from the old days, which contributes to the quaint New England small-town ambience and architectural beauty. Danvers is divided into different neighborhood villages; each with its own era of prominence and distinct character it's truly hard to believe you're only 17 miles outside Boston. Danvers is also known as Oniontown for the famous Danvers Onion, developed by town farmers back in the agricultural days. Another breed of vegetables developed here was the Danvers Half-Long Carrot, which was introduced by market gardeners in 1871. Today, Danvers offers a prominent agricultural program through the Essex Agricultural and Technical High School, with 8 specified vocational agricultural programs. Aside from the Rebecca Nurse Homestead, Danvers offers quite a few landmarks for those who are interested. Check out the famous Danvers State Hospital, the Derby Summer House, Endicott Pear Tree and General Israel Putnam House to just name a few!
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