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California, U.S.A.
This city is home to around 58,000 people and listed as the 11th wealthiest city in the US of its size.
Cupertino is a diverse place with a large immigrant population, among which 63 percent is of Asian ancestry. Cupertino has recently been named the second best place to live in California, and the happiest suburb in the United States! The city center is Cali Mill Plaza, where you'll find the Cypress Hotel and a plethora of dining establishments. Even though Cali Mill Plaza is considered sort of a city focal point, Cupertino doesn't have a real shopping or commercial district. Instead, stores and restaurants are spread out over the many subdivision neighborhoods of the city. One place worth visiting though is the Vallco Shopping Mall at the center of Cupertino, where you'll find things like department stores, an AMC theater complex, an ice center and a bowling hall. Cupertino is one of the several cities that proclaim being The Heart of Silicon Valley, because of the many tech companies situated here. Perhaps most notable are the headquarters of Apple, who are planning to expand with a new 150-acre second campus in the city. But although Cupertino is home to several large tech-companies, very little production actually goes on here, and most of the offices in the city are mainly management and design based. Cupertino residents are prepared for a life of achievement early, as the city is home to numerous prestigious primary and secondary schools. As an example, Murdock-Portal Elementary and Faria Elementary School are both ranked as the highest scoring elementary public schools in California.
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