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Georgia, U.S.A.
Welcome to Conyers, Georgia.
The City of Conyers is the only city in Rockdale County and is located 35 minutes away from downtown Atlanta. Despite being the only city in Rockdale, it is one of the fastest growing towns in Georgia and is today home to over 15,000 residents. In fact, the city's growth has been so rapid that between the years of 2000 and 2010, population grew a staggering 42%. Conyers was born when the first settler, blacksmith John Holcomb, objected that a railroad should be built through his area. Dr. W.D. Conyers remedied the opposition by purchasing the land and realizing the town's potential, by allowing the railroad. Like so many other Atlanta suburbs, the new transportation route allowed the area to flourish and Conyers Station was incorporated as Town of Conyers in 1854. Today, what was once the Village of Milstead is part of Conyers, and the heart of the historic town is today Old Town Conyers. Residents now have the perk of meandering these streets while enjoying a wonderful landscape with a botanical garden and a trickling stream. Old mill worker bungalows have been restored to their former glory, creating a beautiful small-town appearance. The Old Town area features an abundance of homes and buildings featured in the National Register of Historic Places, and downtown's remarkable allure has attracted numerous film producers. People who move here often do so because of the lovely combination of old and new, small town and big city. Residents can enjoy an excellent urban experience with the best shopping and restaurants, or relax in the rural expanse outside the town. While only home to little over 15,000 people, Conyers is the epitome of diversity, and the many nationalities that live here create colorful spectrum on the map.
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