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Illinois, U.S.A.
Welcome to "The Windy City", the birthplace of house music and a cultural landscape that was a major component in the evolution of jazz, blues and soul.
Chicago is also known for its contributions to improvisational comedy, and historically, the city has contributed to a range of other artistic industries, including visual arts, novels, film and theater. It's not all paint and music notes for the residents here. Science took a major leap forward when physicist Enrico Fermi completed the World's first controlled nuclear reaction at the University of Chicago, leading to the development of the atomic bomb. Today, the highly-regarded university continues to function as a private research institution. Due to the vast range of industries that operate within the city limits, the economy here is highly diversified, and is regarded as one of the most stable city economies because of this reason. Chicago is located in northeastern Illinois on the shore of Lake Michigan. With a humid continental climate, summers are hot and humid, but winters are cold and snowy with occasional sunny days. Residents of the city's waterfront neighborhoods on the shore of Lake Calumet enjoy a more stable climate, with slightly warmer temperatures in the winter and fairly cool summers. The city started with a population of 200 in 1833, was incorporated into a city four years later, and has grown to become America's third-most-populous city today. No race dominates Chicago's ethnic diversity. The city has a history of being a home to new immigrants and migrating black Americans.
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