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Virginia, U.S.A.
Welcome to the home of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe. Charlottesville, VA is the home to some of the most high profile politicians of our national history.
In 1819, Thomas Jefferson opened the doors to the University of Virginia a short distance outside of Charlottesville. Then, in 1850, Charlottesville welcomed its very own railroad system. By 1887, this quaint little town brought in its first horse drawn streetcars. A year later (1888), Charlottesville became a suburb of 800 acres. Today, Charlottesville is a thriving enclave of agriculture, community, and one of the country's finest winemaking regions. Aside from its impressive history, Charlottesville has become home to many celebrities, which in turn has boosted the music, book, and performing arts communities. The University of Virginia has also benefited from this, sprucing up the Arts program. On that note, it would behoove us to mention that UVA comes in either first or second year after year as the nation's best public university. This ranking is taken seriously by the community, and the standards are held even to the local elementary and high schools - a testament to the importance the town places on the education of the local youth. Charlottesville isn't all history and education, however. With this beautiful town kissed by Mother Nature bringing in celebrities of all kinds, the music and art scene has most certainly flourished. You will find live music, plays, and independent films all over downtown Charlottesville. A night on the town is always fun after visiting any of the 20+ vineyards Charlottesville has to offer. Rich history, ever so green pastures and neighborhoods, a parents dream educational system, and a living music and art scene, it's hard to beat a town like this with so much to offer.
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