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Welcome to Charlestown, Boston.
Charlestown is the oldest neighborhood in Boston, dating all the way back to the 17th century. The neighborhood is situated on a peninsula north of Charles River, across from downtown Boston. Charlestown is also connected to the Mystic River and Boston Harbor, providing gorgeous views for favorably placed residences. An engineer named Thomas Graves designed the wonderfully picturesque neighborhood of Charlestown in 1620, and at the time the neighborhood was its own separate town. In 1848, Charles Town was incorporated as a city, when it was home to a large Irish population. While much of the Irish American population was unfortunately pushed out due to gentrification, the neighborhood still has its roots in the Irish community. Charlestown is today a trendy enclave of Boston that will give you the feeling of an old era, with a splendid square mile section of quaint homes with a historical atmosphere. The neighborhood has seen a huge influx of young professionals, which has contributed to the hip feel and general desirability. House-prices have climbed and the main streets are now lined with fashionable restaurants and bars, creating somewhat of a playground for the voguish population of Boston. Still, Charlestown is home to many families that have lived in the area for generations, and the community spirit from the past is still strong despite modern changes. Visitors can explore two noteworthy historical sites: the USS Constitution and the Bunker Hill monument. These places are part of the famous Freedom Trail, which takes you through 2.5 miles of historically significant spots in Boston. If you're out on the town for a good meal and a beer, check out the Warren Tavern, a true Charlestown gem. Warren Tavern is in fact the oldest tavern in the entire state, and one of the oldest ones in the country. Rumors say that it was a popular socializing spot for patriots like Paul Revere and even George Washington some even say his funeral speech was held here!
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