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Arizona, U.S.A.
Welcome to Chandler, Arizona.
Chandler is a suburban city to Phoenix, located in Maricopa County and home to around 254,276 people. The city was founded in 1891, when veterinary surgeon Dr. Alexander John Chandler settled on a ranch south of Mesa to study irrigation engineering. By the turn of the century, he had acquired 18,000 acres of land and began designing a town site on what was then called Chandler Ranch. The town site office opened in 1912, and the following year Chandler had grown into an established town featuring things like the first golf resort in the state. Since the early 1990s, the city has expanded significantly and is ranked as one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the United States. The heart and soul of Chandler is the beautifully restored, historic downtown, which includes the award-winning Chandler City Hall and the Center for the Arts. Chandler is quite famous for it's yearly Ostrich Festival, which is held in honor of the city's history. During the early 20th century, there were many ostrich farms in the area, which at the time catered to the demand for plumes used in women's hats. While the demand for ostrich plumes declined, the legacy still lives on through the festival. Aside from numerous historic buildings and locations, the city boasts plenty of great museums and venues. One of the places worth visiting is the Chandler Center for the Arts, a 1,500-seat regional performing arts venue in downtown Chandler. Other great attractions include the Arizona Railway Museum and the Chandler Museum. As far as parks and recreation is concerned, the City of Chandler is nationally acknowledged for its wide range of options. Public facilities include the Chandler Aquatics Center, the Chandler Community Center and the Tumbleweed Park, to only name a fraction.
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