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Welcome to Centennial Hill, Atlanta.
The Centennial Hill district is located in the northern part of Downtown Atlanta, and is a planned development that continues to grow with new construction. Not long ago, the area underwent a several billion-dollar revival that added new features like the Allen Plaza; an eight block mixed development. This booming part of downtown boasts sleek skyscrapers, flashy hotels and recently constructed residential buildings. Over 600 condominiums and lofts dot the area, and more is planned to come, alongside new retail and other development. Centennial Hill is a hot destination, with tourist traps like the Children's Museum, Georgia Aquarium, and World of Coca-Cola right next door. Some of the more prominent residential buildings in the area include Centennial House, the Museum Tower and Peachtree Towers; all luxury condominium complexes that situated are smack in the middle of what downtown offers. Residents have access to the large and recreationally accommodating Centennial Olympic Park, which features 21 acres of beautiful landscaping. The park boasts features like the Fountain of Rings, one of the most recognized and photographed places in all of Georgia. The Fountain of Rings is an interactive fountain that displays the Olympic Ring Symbol, and people from all over the world come to view the landmark. The park also hosts a ton of events like large concerts, festivals and art shows.
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