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Idaho, U.S.A.
Welcome to Boise, Idaho.
The City of Boise is nestled in a beautiful, colorful landscape by the Boise River. Home to an estimated 214,237 people, Boise is the county seat of Ada County and the state capital of Idaho. The story of how Boise got its name has several versions. One of them states that Captain B.L.E. Bonneville of the U.S. Army trekked for weeks through rough terrain, finally meeting the Boise River Valley. The legend states that one of the French-speaking guides was so overwhelmed by the sight that he yelled Le bois! Le bois! meaning: The Wood! The Wood! Boise comprises several neighborhoods, including the Bench, North End, West Boise and Downtown, among others. Downtown Boise is the city's focal point and cultural center. This area is home to many small businesses and a few mid-rise buildings, and while Boise in general lacks major retail and dining establishments, downtown offers an increasing variety of options. Venture down the pedestrian friendly 8th street for a number of terrific restaurants, bars and eclectic boutiques. When the evening comes around, this part of town boast a vibrant nightlife. Downtown Boise also features a lively culture scene, with venues like the Egyptian Theatre and the Boise Art Museum. In addition, Boise is a regional hub for jazz, theatre and indie music, with a large number of small and big venues offering performances year round. Downtown Boise also hosts a number of festive events, including Alive after Five, First Thursday and the Idaho Potato Drop. Families can enjoy a day at the Julia Davis Park, where the Zoo Boise is located with all its different animals. Boise is an incredibly diverse city, with the largest Basque community in the United States. The city even hosts a Basque festival every five years, called the Jalaldi. Downtown Boise also has a vibrant section known as the Basque Block, and Boise's mayor is of Basque descent. When you feel like getting out of the city, Boise has more than enough to offer. Nestled in the beautiful Idaho hills with all its colors, there are a number of recreation opportunities available around the city. Extensive hiking and biking trails exist in the foothills north of downtown, as well as the trails of the Boise River Greenbelt, which runs along the river. For water fun with the whole family, the river itself is perfect for fishing, swimming and rafting!
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