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Welcome to Blandwood, Atlanta.
This neighborhood was originally called Blandtown, and is located in the West Midtown area of the city. Blandtown was one of the first African-American settlements around the city post the Civil War. Today it is a booming neighborhood known for its many furniture stores, restaurants and bars, and new housing complexes. The name Blandtown derives from Felix Bland, a slave who received land by his former owner. After not paying taxes, he lost the land and a developer bought it instead. With construction of the railroad, several industries opened including a mill, a fertilizer factory and a stockyard. The community was a tight-knit, mainly African-American community; featuring four churches, a clinic and a few other small businesses. Very little of the original neighborhood remains today, after a huge fire and subsequent industrial zoning wiped out most of it. The streets of Fairmount and Boyd Aves as well as English and Culpepper Streets comprised the entire Blandtown, where much of the old construction has been razed or boarded. However, new development has taken place since the re-zoning, and today the area is adjacent to the burgeoning West Midtown area with all its wholesale and home furnishing stores, as well as plenty of new residential buildings. Several mixed-use complexes are also situated near Blandwood, such as Alexan MetroWest and Apex West Midtown.
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