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Maryland, U.S.A.
Welcome to Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is the largest independent city in the country with 622,104 residents, and features the second biggest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic. Founded in 1729, Baltimore was once a leading port of entry for immigrants and a major manufacturing center. However, after the city’s thriving manufacturing-era passed, Baltimore shifted to a service-oriented economy. Two of the top employers are now the John Hopkins Hospital (1889) and John Hopkins University (1876). Baltimore was name after Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore, who was a member of the Irish House of Lords. The name Baltimore derives from an Irish expression meaning “town of the big house”, which was the name of Cecil Calvert’s family estate back home. The town boasts having had numerous famous residents, including writer Edgar Allan Poe, singer Billie Holiday and baseball player Babe Ruth. The City of Baltimore comprises hundreds of identified districts, which has been dubbed “a city of neighborhoods”. Many locals however, divide the city into just two parts: East and West Baltimore. The main commercial and residential thoroughfare, Charles Street, serves as a dividing line between the two. The main business and commercial district is situated in Downtown, while the Power Plant neighborhood features an abundance of nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The latter also houses several shopping centers and various other attractions, as well as the Baltimore campus of the University of Maryland. For arts and culture, visit the northern portion of the Central district, where you’ll find several amenities like the Lyric Opera House and the Walters Art Museum. The attractions in Baltimore are endless, and the city has become a powerful tourist spot on the East Coast. In 2014, Baltimore hosted a total of 24.5 million visitors, who together contributed $5.2 billion to the city’s economy. Should you be one of the lucky ones, check out the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards; a real dream for the sports fanatic.
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