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Welcome to The Breezy Point.
Heading 300 miles up from lower San Diego brings you to the sweet spot named Azalea Park. Thanks to its high place on the landscape, Azalea Park offers a respite from temperature extremes with an admirably moderate climate. Winds blow in from the bay just three miles to the east, and the air is crisp and clean. Famed for its arts scene, enjoy feasting your eyes on the many sculptures and murals throughout the community. And with a community-mindedness that tops all others in San Diego, living here will find you most likely joining hands with neighbors in the upkeep of the community, in a wide-variety of civic efforts. Manzanita Canyon is a neighborhood past-time in Azalea Park, and just one more thing that brings residents together, for hikes, or for one of the many canyon clean-ups.
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