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Colorado, U.S.A.
Welcome to Aurora, Colorado.
Aurora is a city in the Metro Denver area, and has an estimated population of 325,078 people. Aurora grew out of a small town called Fletcher in the 1880s, when it was named after Denver businessman Donald Fletcher. Mr. Fletcher saw the community as a golden real estate opportunity and invested greatly along with his business partners. Unfortunately, the Silver Crash 1893 caused the town major hardship and Fletcher decided to skip town, leaving the residents with a gigantic water debt. But the inhabitants kept going, and renamed the town Aurora in 1907. In time, Aurora became the fastest-growing city in the country, especially around the 1970s and 1980s. For a peak into the history of Aurora, visit the Wilson House, which was built in 1890 for Mr. Donald Fletcher. Aurora is often considered one of Denver's larger suburbs, but with its growing population it is now half the size of its larger neighbor. Prominent politicians such as the former Aurora mayor Dennis Champine have pushed for the city to gain co-equal recognition with the City of Denver, eventually calling the area Aurora/Denver Metropolitan Area. So far though, these wishes have been unanswered. The main reason is that Aurora lacks a historically relevant central business district, and is inherently suburban in nature and appearance, despite a large population. In 2004, Aurora was named the Sportstown of Colorado by Sports Illustrated magazine, thanks to the city's exemplary work in facilitating and enhancing sports. In fact, Aurora is home to more than 30 regional and national sports tournaments each year, held in the many large fields. One of the larger ones, Aurora Sports Park, spans across 220 acres and was opened in 2003. The city even boasts its own semi-professional sports franchise, the Aurora Cavalry in the International Basketball League. The team began play in 2006, but unfortunately folded due to budget mishaps. Still, Aurora can brag a wide array of professional athletes that stem from the large suburb. Residents in Aurora have access to ample green space, with over 100 parks and more than 6000 acres open space and natural areas. Inhabitants are also blessed with six award-winning municipal golf courses and several privately owned country clubs. Some of these include the Blackstone Country Club, Common Ground Golf Course and John F. Kennedy Golf Course. For culture, visit the Aurora Fox Theatre & Arts Center, a historic landmark with a 245-seat auditorium. Another attraction is the Aurora History Museum, which hosts a permanent exhibit on Aurora's history as well as two changing ones on topics related to history and decorative arts. Finally, music lovers should stop by the 30- year old Aurora Symphony Orchestra, where full orchestra concerts and smaller ensemble performances are held throughout the year.
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