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Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Welcome to Amesbury, Massachusetts.
The City of Amesbury is located in Essex County on the left bank on the Merrimack River, and home to around 16,000 residents. Amesbury is mainly residential and one of the northernmost towns in Massachusetts, with the other being Salisbury. The town began as a small farming community, but developed into a burgeoning maritime and industrial economy. Thanks to the vicinity to water, shipbuilding, shipping and fishing were also important income sources. Textile mills were built by the falls in the 19th century, and the first mechanized nail-making factory in the country. The town became famous for building carriages, hence the nickname Carriagetown. Today, the community boasts a large collection of historical architecture, mostly in Victorian and Federal styles. The historic Downtown Amesbury was recently restored and plenty of new restaurants can be found lining the quaint streets. In the front lawn of Amesbury middle school, visitors can see the memorial sculpture Doughboy, which stands as a monument erected to early resident Josiah Barlett. Historic Amesbury is truly a wonderful place to visit, and characterizes the essence of this lovely little town. Pastoral country roads swirl around the old landmarks from the industrial era, and the Powwow makes it watery way through the city center. If you're in town, stop by the Whittier Home, today a museum that depicts what the what the house would have looked like between 1836 and 1892, when Whittier lived there and wrote some of his most famous works.
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