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Georgia, U.S.A.
Welcome to Alpharetta, Georgia. Situated just north of the big city Atlanta, this charming suburb of 57,000 residents has plenty to offer on its own.
With more than 3,600 businesses attracting a huge amount of commuters daily, this burgeoning business hub is well known for its many employment opportunities. In fact, the population literally doubles during weekdays; with workers, tourists and residents traveling to Alpharetta. This city is somewhat of the hottest thing right now with it's bustling commercial district and booming real estate market. For years, Alpharetta has been recognized and featured as one of the best places in the country both to do business and raise a family. Alpharetta displays its own unique character with a prospering assortment of great schools, jobs, and eclectic neighborhoods as well as an abundance of retail, dining and parks. Outdoor recreation is plentiful, with natural areas like the Big Creek Greenway Trail being offered to the public. This 8-mile concrete path invites joggers and others to a Sherwood-like forest of towering trees and surrounding mire. For live music, check out the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Encore Park, where concerts often are held. As far as wining and dining, Alpharetta is heavily equipped with over 150 restaurants featuring food from every imaginable culture. Whether you are looking for a casual lunch-spot, an upscale restaurant or a hip bar, Alpharetta has it all. The city is overflowing with vibrant retail as well, and the Historic Main Street and downtown are filled with a plethora of shops and boutiques. Also worth checking out is the brand new North Point Mall, where you can up your spending at the fancy stores. Best of all, housing in Alpharetta is affordable and most people can find something to fit their pocket and preference!
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