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Welcome to Allston, Boston.
This neighborhood is situated in the western part of Boston, and was named after the famous American artist and writer Washington Allston. It is largely mentioned alongside the adjacent neighborhood of Brighton, and the two are often called Allston-Brighton as one entity. The area here is casual but pretty with brick apartment buildings and a few wooden triple-deckers, as well as a number of historical Victorian homes. For the most part, Allston is nearly completely secluded from the rest of the city since the town Brookline borders the neighborhood. The only part of Allston that directly nudges up against the main body of Boston is a small portion of its eastern border, shared with Fenway-Kenmore. Allston has the benefit of facing the Charles River in the area that separates it from the city of Cambridge, which allows residents in that part a pretty water view. North of the turnpike, by the Charles River, is often referred to as Lower Allston. This part of the neighborhood is home to a diverse blend of people, ranging from working professionals to homeowners and long-term residents. Lower Allston is different from the rest of the neighborhood in that it houses far less students, and it has the upside of very little crime and noise. From here, you can easily go for a brisk walk and end up in Allston Village or the retail-district of Harvard Square. The neighborhood of Allston offers a plethora of small businesses and dining places, with many of them situated between Packard's Corner and Allston Street. Down here you'll find a colorful mix of ethnic restaurants and national cuisine, with flavors from all over the world to tickle your taste buds. If you're up for shopping, check out Harvard Avenue with its many furniture stores and thrift shops. Thanks to students constantly moving in and out, you can often make quite the finds here at the many resale stores. If you're in the area, check out Roast Beast, home to the best roast beef sandwich in all of Boston, and the Bagel Rising for the best bagels in town.
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