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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Alameda, California.
The city of Alameda is located on Alameda Island and Bay Farm Island, to the west of Oakland and across from San Francisco. The island of Alameda is situated on what was originally a peninsula connected to Oakland, and at the time most of the land was low-lying and marshy. The higher ground on the peninsula and its adjacent parts was home to one of the largest coastal oak forests in the world, and the area was consequently called Encinal; Spanish for forest of evergreen oak. Alameda is Spanish for grove of poplar trees or tree-lined avenue hence the name of the city, which was voted to effect in 1853. Today, the city bears the nickname The Island City or simply The Island, a place that residents love because of the beautiful waterfront and well-kept marinas. Locals describe the city as a friendly, safe and happy place that has grown from a small town to more of a medium sized city. Being a diverse city, Alameda is home to a plethora of thriving businesses, restaurants and shops - but despite it being quite a vibrant place, you can still take an evening stroll without worrying about a thing. Park Street is bustling with entertainment like first class shopping, exquisite dining and a multitude of little spas. On the downside, Alameda is on the more expensive end so you need to have quite the bank account to live in a good area. But if you have the means, you will surely enjoy the rich culture and high level of sophistication as well as excellent hikes not to mention the beach and its surfing opportunities.
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