Mar Vista
One Bedroom 
11929 State Rte 187, Los Angeles, CA 90066
Apartment Beds 1 | Baths 1 | Status unknown
at Colonial
This listing is no longer active.
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Seein' Seas

Welcome to LA’s almost-beach city. Mar Vista is an ethnically diverse community. Its population is statistically LA County’s youngest, with the highest numbers of 19-to-35-year-old residents. With a great deal of outdoor recreation and excellent schools, this area attracts younger families and youthful, active people that appreciate an alternative to Santa Monica and Venice. Ironically, this neighborhood also features a record-high population of veterans from the World War II and the Korean War.

Kid Friendly
Art and "Art"
Cultural Fusion
Food Revolution
Parks & Recreation
So Cool for School
Surf's Up
Hit The Gym
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