3481 Lakeside Dr Ne P302 Atlanta, GA 30326

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House | 2.0 bath
Condo | 2.0 bath
About Buckhead
This affluent neighborhood in Uptown Atlanta is home to the rich and powerful! Buckhead is a thriving commercial center and the third largest business hub in Atlanta, only falling behind Downtown and Midtown. With its towering high-rises, hotels and exclusive condominiums, Buckhead is a dense urban neighborhood in its core. Outside the focal point of Peachtree Road, Buckhead turns into suburbia, with upscale family homes situated amidst sweeping green hills and deep forests. Forbes Magazine has named Buckhead one of the top wealthiest zip codes in America, and Robb Report has continuously named the neighborhood one of the most affluent communities in the country. Ad verbatim, the review said that Buckhead has the most beautiful mansions, best shopping and finest restaurants in the Southeastern United States. Occasionally, Buckhead is referred to as the Beverly Hills of the East or Beverly Hills of the South, in analogy to its Los Angeles counterpart. The heart of Buckhead is located around the streets Lenox, Peachtree and Piedmont Roads, and features a large shopping district with over 1,400 retail establishments. Collectively, the wealthy denizens and tourists of Buckhead spend over one billion dollars per year on shopping alone. It isn't too hard to reach those numbers, considering that Buckhead has the highest concentration of upscale boutiques in the country!