3061 W 12th Pl Los Angeles, CA 90006

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Condo | 2.0 bath
About Olympic Park
In this small zone nestled within Mid-City West, just grab a broom, or grab a hand. Priding itself on its work together ethic, what it lacks in size it makes up for in impact. The Olympic Park Neighborhood Council regularly organizes meetings and events, in areas from business development to health, and keeps an eye on the pulse of citywide happenings and how they might impact Olympic Park. Residents here are known for doing what it takes to keep their community great. As a part of the larger and extremely diverse Mid-City, it's a clear microcosm: from the delightful curb appeal, interesting mix of housing options, cultural attractions nearby, proximity to good schools, and its central location, making it a place that residents are all so eager to stake a claim in.