23 23 29th Ave #1 Astoria, NY 11102

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House | 1.0 bath
Apartment | 1.0 bath
About Astoria
Synonymous with Greeks and the favorite NYC destination when souvlaki and baklava cravings came calling, the northeastern Queens neighborhood of Astoria has managed to keep its reputation as friendly and what real NYC life is like. It's a symbol of a classic working-class neighborhood where life is slower. Residents stroll the lively and picturesque streets where their grocers and dry cleaners know their names. Like much of Queens, it's exceptionally diverse, with large numbers of Italians historically and a newer influx of Brazilians, Egyptians, and Albanians among the many nationalities represented, and it's a delightful destination for exploring a variety of foods and cultures. Take a look around and you'll see that the old world ways never left. Families line-up outside their favorite markets for back-home favorites made with the recipes unchanged for generations. Sturdy row houses are neighborhood symbols, and community pride is strong, attracting many who want a piece of old-world Astoria charm to call their own.