1211 Sunset Plaza Dr West Hollywood, CA 90069

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Condo | 2.0 bath
About Los Angeles
Surrounded on three sides by mountains and famous for an easy climate, Los Angeles is a hub of culture and business on the West Coast and a world leader in entertainment, fashion, technology, science, sports, cannabis, medicine, research, tourism, fitness and pleasure. A center for international trade, the neighboring ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach together make up the fifth-busiest port in the World, a vital component for trade in the Pacific Rim. Located in Southern California, this part of the nation is known for its extensive transportation systems, including a car-centric culture supported by an advanced network of freeways and highways that make traveling between distant cities and neighborhoods an everyday occurrence. Featuring bus, subway and light rail systems, public transportation is critical for the day-to-day life of many LA residents, and some neighborhoods have incorporated bike lanes and accommodations to reduce traffic and foster a growing bike culture. The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is just one of a handful of airports that move people and cargo into and out of the area. The city fosters an ethnic diversity that few places in the world can match. Descendants and immigrants from over 140 countries call LA home, and with over 80 districts and neighborhoods, the landscape and culture vary throughout the vast metropolis: the simple nature of the East side, the urban hustle and bustle of Downtown, the eccentric and affluent style of the coastal neighborhoods, and various family-centric suburbs located throughout and around the greater Los Angeles area.