116 Roebling St #1 Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Townhouse | 2.0 bath
Apartment | 3.0 bath
About Williamsburg
Welcome to Bicycles and Beers.The streets of Brooklyn's Williamsburg, aren’t paved with gold, but they are paved with plenty of independent coffee shops, vintage clothing boutiques, and bars serving locally brewed beer. Loved for its arts, creative restaurant scene, and more free-spirited vibe, it’s seen a lot of change in a short time. Historically a neighborhood dominated by Hasidic Jews and Hispanics, it saw a shift around 2000 when a newer more bohemian group of residents started moving in. Since then nothing’s been the same for Williamsburg. Formerly industrial areas are filled with warehouses turned loft-dwellings, and bicycles beat out cars as the preferred mode of transportation. But it quickly mainstreamed, with condo waterfront development and upscale markets and restaurants, so it’s less of the affordable artsy village that it was, and it’s become almost as family friendly as it was artist friendly as playgrounds rival bars for early evening fun. Tourism thrives here too as visitors seek out that special Williamsburg vibe, and it's just a quick and scenic bike ride across the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan.