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We know that local market expertise is the number one factor clients consider when choosing an agent. That’s why we created ZipPro and ZipPro Seller, our local real estate promotion service that promotes your agent profile to local home shoppers, sellers, and owners.

ZipPro provides promotion to home shoppers on our for-sale listings pages while ZipPro Seller service promotes your profile on our off-market homes pages.

It's simple: pick the ZIP codes most important to your business and we'll promote your Nestigator profile to buyers and sellers searching for homes, neighborhoods, and agents in your local service areas.

Advertising in a ZIP code starts at $10 per month for ZipPro and $49 per month for ZipPro Seller. Availability is limited.


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Advertise your profile to home buyers and sellers searching for homes on Nestigator. They’ll see your profile on home search results for your areas and know how to get in touch with you.

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Display your profile on Nestigator neighborhood pages. Your profile will be prominently featured on neighborhood pages dedicated to your service areas.

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Put a spotlight on your profile in our agent directory. Your profile will enjoy highlighted status so that potential home buyers and sellers can easily find you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nestigator?

Nestigator is a real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering agents and consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge about their local markets.

Why should I complete a free profile?

Nestigator generates millions of listings and is visited by thousands of home shoppers. Completed agent profiles get the best results with interested home buyers and sellers. Make sure your profile is updated and complete so that potential clients know who you are, where you’re the most active, and how to get in touch.

Can I start my profile now and finish it later?

Sure! We’ll probably nudge you a couple of times to complete it, as finished profile generally get the best results on our site.

Where does Nestigator get information about listings?

Nestigator receives listings from Listhub (a MOVE.com company), the largest provider of accurate real estate listings in the United States. Listings are gathered directly from brokerages and MLSs across the United States.

What kind of information will I share on my free profile?

A profile consists of your photo, bio, contact and brokerage details, as well as your listings. You can also spotlight up to three neighborhoods that you specialize in.

What is home search?

This is any search for property listings on Nestigator.com. These searches can be based location preferences (using a ZIP code or map), price requirements, or size preferences.

What is a neighborhoods page?

A neighborhood page is just that: a page dedicated to providing information about specific neighborhoods. Agent profiles are located on these pages, provided the neighborhoods are in their service areas.

What is an agent directory?

Nestigator’s agent directory is a database of real estate agents. Consumers can search for agents based on their name, location, or specialty.

Want to learn more?

No problem. We’re here to help you reach home buyers and sellers in your local markets.
Send us a note at support@nestigator.com and we’ll get back to you right away. Thanks!