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There are over a billion homes on the planet right now, and countless ways to find them. But the plethora of scattered, incomplete information to help you find your home can be overwhelming: the number of rooms, some square footage, a few amenities and a guess at value. Is this really what it comes down to, or can one of the most important decisions of your life be based on something more meaningful?

Your home is also your favorite coffee shop on the corner, the teachers at the school down the street, the type of grocery store across the way. It’s the community that shapes your experiences, triumphs and struggles, and it’s what will ultimately shape your future.

As a personalized recommendation engine, Nestigator is getting to know the world’s billion-plus homes and the neighborhoods they are a part of to help you find the one place that best complements your lifestyle, taste and personality. So take a deep breath, and move with confidence. It's never been easier to find your "one in a billion".

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